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I´ve always believed you get out of life what you put into it!" says Karl. "Rewards do come from maintaining a good work ethic, taking responsibility seriously and keeping yourself motivated."

Karl has come a long way from his birthplace of Chicago, Illinois. As a young man, he sought "greener and warmer pastures"--so-to-speak--and found himself in the east Bay area of San Francisco. While attending college, he met his darling wife, Victoria.

One summer, early in their marriage, the Nettgens decided to go camping in state parks along the Oregon Coast. After spending some time in the Gold Beach area, they could not get the place out of their minds. The couple purchased a bare land lot and came up to work on it whenever possible.

Each visit to Gold Beach felt more and more right. Having to turn back for the east bay of San Francisco became increasingly difficult.

"Coming north, we could feel the tension leave us. The small town atmosphere and friendliness wrapped around us like a comfortable blanket. Returning south, the stress and traffic became unbearable," recalls Karl.

The decision was made to take the risk, pull up stakes and live the dream on Oregon´s South Coast. Karl and Victoria put their work ethics to the test and dug in. He soon found a fit in real estate sales, and she started a landscaping maintenance business.

Karl has been with Century 21 for the past nine years. He quickly proved himself to be an excellent agent, surpassing his peers in sales and continually receiving awards at both the local and regional levels. In addition, he is an active, volunteer member of the Curry County Planning Commission. This position allows him access to current information that may affect the ever-changing dynamic of the local real estate market as well as understanding the complexities of land development.

The Nettgens still live on that same property and have recently celebrated their 21st anniversary. Along with their son, Eric, and several critters: Java the dog, Fezzywig the cat, a bunny and goldfish--many dreams have come true. Amidst their busy lives, the family takes advantage of the many nearby opportunities to camp, fish and walk on the beach. Victoria tends to her thriving gardens. Karl and Eric are avid ATVers! One of their favorite places to ride is the Oregon Dunes National Recreation Area. (They always tread lightly and ride in designated areas only)

"You couldn't drag me away kicking and screaming!" says Karl, grinning from ear to ear. "This truly is the Mayberry RFD of the Oregon Coast."